Explore Scientific 82° 11mm Waterproof Eyepiece Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific 82° 11mm Waterproof Eyepiece

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    Experience High-Performance Stargazing with Explore Scientific 82° 11mm Waterproof Eyepiece


    The 11mm 82° Series Waterproof Argon-Purged Eyepiece is a popular focal length in the upper-medium power magnification class providing both super-wide apparent field and generous eye relief. It is perfect for any application where more power is desired including observing globular star clusters, planetary nebulae, the bright cloud structure near the nucleus of comets, initial observations of planets, and (with the proper safe filtration on your telescope), observations of active regions of the sun. Use with Explore Scientific Focal Extenders for 2X, 3X, or 5X magnification increases while maintaining the eyepiece native apparent field and eye relief.

    Using advanced computer design, combinations of low dispersion and high refractive index optical glasses, and durable enhanced multilayer deposition (EMD) coatings, Explore Scientific 82° Series super wide field eyepieces are optimized to produce high contrast, high resolution, and superior flat field characteristics. The visual effect of these eyepieces with their long eye-relief and their 82° apparent field is truly a full-immersion experience. Your eye is relaxed, allowing you to easily use the “averted vision” technique to study faint details across a huge field-of-view.

    Each eyepiece is meticulously assembled into precision machined metal lens barrels that maintain the perfect alignment of the optical train for years of rugged use in the field. To keep internal reflections to a minimum, all internal surfaces of the eyepiece barrel are flat black, as well as the edges of the lenses themselves to minimize the scattering of light within the lenses themselves.

    Explore Ultra-Wide Eyepieces - Comfort, Quality, Value. Explore Scientific 82° Series eyepieces, with their 82° apparent field of view, immerses you in a very comfortable ultra-wide field that naturally promotes relaxation at the eyepiece. When you relax your eyes and take in the scene presented before you, it is much easier to observe for longer periods of time, and details begin to materialize that may not have become apparent to you at first glance. Another great benefit of ultra-wide eyepieces is the ease with which you can gaze, not directly at an object, but slightly to either side. This skill, called using averted vision, is especially helpful when observing faint objects, because using averted vision puts the image on a part of your eye that is more sensitive to light, allowing you to see fainter images.


    Item Number EPWP8211–01
    Focal Length 11mm
    Length 87mm
    Width 48mm
    Weight 9.8oz; 279g
    Barrel Size 1.25"
    Eye Relief 15.6mm
    Field Stop Diameter 15.9mm


    Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when product is registered within 60 days of purchase.

    The Explore Scientific 82° 11mm Waterproof Eyepiece is a high-quality telescope eyepiece that delivers unparalleled clarity and performance. With its advanced design and build, this eyepiece is an excellent choice for both novice and professional astronomers.

    One of the standout features of this Explore Scientific eyepiece is its 82-degree field of view, which is significantly wider compared to standard eyepieces, allowing you to see more of the night sky with every use. The combination of a wide field of view and the 11mm focal length make this eyepiece ideal for observing deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

    Another advantage of the Explore Scientific 82° 11mm Waterproof Eyepiece is its waterproof and fog-proof design, which allows you to use it in any weather condition without worrying about moisture getting inside and damaging the optical elements. This makes it an excellent pick for stargazers who frequently observe in humid or damp environments.

    Overall, the Explore Scientific 82° 11mm Waterproof Eyepiece is a top-quality telescope accessory that offers exceptional performance and durability. Whether you are an experienced astronomer or a beginner who is just starting to explore the cosmos, this eyepiece is sure to enhance your stargazing experience and provide memorable views of the celestial wonders above.


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