Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82° Series Waterproof Eyepiece - EPWP8247-01 Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82° Series Waterproof Eyepiece - EPWP8247-01

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    Features of the Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82° Series Waterproof Eyepiece


    The Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece is used when very high magnifications are desired. Watch the video on this page below starting at 5:28 where we describe the benefits and conditions that are required to use your telescope at high magnifying power for planetary and double star observations, and for examining the details of many deep sky objects. 

    The 4.7mm will not be used every night, but when those times occur when conditions in the sky are near-perfect, you can get views of planetary detail that you will remember for a lifetime with this eyepiece. 

    Explore Scientific 82° Series Waterproof Eyepieces - Comfort, Quality, Value.

    Explore Scientific 82° Series eyepieces, with their 82 degree apparent field of view, immerses you in a very comfortable ultra-wide field that naturally promotes relaxation at the eyepiece. When you relax your eyes and take in the scene presented before you, it is much easier to observe for longer periods of time, and details begin to materialize that may not have become apparent to you at first glance. Another great benefit of ultra-wide eyepieces is the ease with which you can gaze, not directly at an object, but slightly to either side. This skill, called using averted vision, is especially helpful when observing faint objects, because using averted vision puts the image on a part of your eye that is more sensitive to light, allowing you to see fainter images.

    Waterproof Eyepieces Are Easy to Clean and Protect the Internal Lens Elements

    All Explore Scientific Waterproof Eyepieces are gas-purged and O-ring sealed which makes them very easy to clean. You can even place them under running water and use generous amounts of lens cleaning solutions to remove stubborn layers (and sometimes sticky) of materials that nature and humans often subject eyepieces to. You can also leave the eyepieces out overnight without fear of them fogging up between the lens elements.


    Item Number EPWP8247–01
    Focal Length 4.7mm
    Length 87mm
    Width 43mm
    Weight 7.5oz; 213g
    Barrel Size 1.25"
    Eye Relief 13.6mm
    Field Stop Diameter 6.9mm


    Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable, No-Fault, Forever Warranty when product is registered within 60 days of purchase.

    The Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82° Series Waterproof Eyepiece - EPWP8247-01 is an exceptional eyepiece designed for serious stargazers. Here are some of its features:

    - Outstanding optics: This eyepiece features a 7-element design and premium glass materials, offering stunningly clear, sharp views of the night sky.

    - Wide field of view: With an expansive 82° field of view, this eyepiece can capture the beauty and detail of wide celestial objects, such as star clusters and galaxies.

    - Waterproof design: The Explore Scientific 4.7mm 82° Series Waterproof Eyepiece is designed to withstand even the toughest observing conditions. Its waterproof construction ensures that it can survive exposure to rain, dew and other environmental challenges.

    - Versatile compatibility: This eyepiece is compatible with a wide range of telescopes, making it a versatile addition to any stargazing setup.


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