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Telescopes use eyepieces to magnify the image of an object that is being viewed. The eyepiece is a small lens that is placed at the end of the telescope barrel. The eyepiece projects an enlarged image of the object into your eye.The eyepiece also serves to correct for errors in the telescope's alignment. If the telescope is not perfectly aligned, then you will see an image that is distorted. The eyepiece helps to correct for these errors and provides a sharper image.

Looking for an eyepiece that gives you a wider field of view?

The Explore Scientific 120 Degree eyepiece is perfect for anyone looking to see more in less time. With its wider field of view, you can take in more of the night sky at one time. This eyepiece is perfect for both beginners and experienced stargazers alike.

With its large field of view, the Explore Scientific 120 Degree eyepiece makes it easy to find objects in the night sky. You won’t have to search for minutes on end to find what you’re looking for – with this eyepiece, it will be right in front of you.

Purchase your own Explore Scientific 120 Degree Telescope Eyepiece today!

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  • Explore Scientific 120° 9mm Waterproof Eyepiece
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